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Support Governor Cuomo in his effort to restore New York's economy

Tell New York’s legislators to continue to support policies that will restore New York's economy.

Subject: Restoring New York's Economy

Letter text:

Dear New York Assemblymember/Senator,

Thank you for working together, across party lines, to ensure New York's fiscal stability and encourage economic growth. Last year, we saw the Governor and Legislature act decisively on problems that had severely damaged our state -- high costs, high taxes, and a government that no one felt they could trust.  We are encouraged that the New York Legislature has continued to work with the Governor to take actions that restore fiscal balance and spur job creation throughout the state.

Your leadership has allowed our state to begin attracting new jobs, to invest in upgrading our aging roads and bridges, and to provide tax relief to New York's working families and small businesses.

I hope that you will continue supporting policies that will grow New York’s economy and encourage businesses to keep investing in our state.  By continuing to work together, we can build a stronger New York.

Thank you.